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NameLucky Patcher
Latest Versionv7.4.2
CategoryFile Management
Size4.65 MB
Released on10 September 2018
Requirement Android2.1+
Total Downloads1 Billion+
Download LinkClick Here

Download Lucky Patcher Apk App Files for Free from here, So here we are going to show you some Lucky Patcher latest Versions of the Lucky Patcher APK Files, download them which one you want to. Hope you will like them and they will be undoubtedly helpful to you. Download all the Lucky Patcher App Version Files for your Android Device from here…

Download Lucky Patcher App for your Android Phone for removing License Verification of Apps with or without rooting.

In this world, you will find very little people who do not use smartphones. Out of all the people who use a smartphone, there are more than 80% of which uses Android phones. Technology is evolving, and everything that we use or do is becoming smart. We are moving where without smart devices our life does not stay smart anymore. As we do our daily activity, we use a lot of applications to run our lives. Among these, some are free like Lucky Patcher Apk while others need to be paid.

Some apps also add Google ads, in-app purchase, and other modes to earn money. For a user, this might be annoying as you have to see 30-second videos every two minutes of app usage. There are apps which removes these ads and give you a smooth experience. There are many such applications, and the best of them is the Lucky Patcher APK.

Due to the actions of the Lucky Patcher apk, many different apps add updates which do the work down by Lucky Patcher app useless. That is the reason periodically after update of nay formatted application. You should run the Lucky Patcher Apk on it with the patch you applied before.

[All Versions] Download Lucky Patcher APK App Files (Latest to Old)

You should keep everything up to date to ensure maximum security and achieve maximum efficiency. But if the new version of Lucky Patcher app does not work, you can try out the Lucky Patcher Old Version. Moreover, Lucky Patcher old version supports a lower version of Android OS. There are many versions of Lucky Patcher apk that are available that you can try. If you want to download all the Latest Lucky Patcher as well as Old Version, then you can check it out from here.

So here we are showing you all the Lucky Patcher Latest Version as well as the old version for you. So you can found your compatible lucky patcher version for your device.

This is the latest Lucky Patcher Apk Versions, Download it and enjoy it…

Lucky Patcher 7.4.2 Apk Version [Latest Version]


Older Versions :

Here you can download the older versions of Lucky Patcher Android app.









More Older Versions List: 

Lucky Patcher 7.4.1 Apk Version

  • Translations updated
  • Patch process for Android 9 fixed

Lucky Patcher 7.3.8 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Fix filter for Android 6+

Lucky Patcher 7.3.7 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated

Lucky Patcher 7.3.6 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated

Lucky Patcher 7.3.5 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Added resume for download

Lucky Patcher 7.3.4 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Modded Google Play updated to 10.7.19

Lucky Patcher 7.3.3 Apk Version

  • Bugs fixed
  • Translations updated
  • ‘Sort by install time’ fixed
  • Bug in Android patch fixed

So, these are some of the lucky patcher latest version of this apk file. Use this Lucky Patcher apk & enjoy it!

So here these are some Lucky Patcher APK Files of different Versions for you that you can download from here. Hope these Lucky Patcher App File will be undoubtedly helpful for you.

Before we go into details, let us discuss what Lucky Patcher Apk is? What we can do with it.


Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the best modifying tools. There are other options available which claim to do the same, but they will never go to what this lucky patcher app does. Moreover, we are advised not to go for any other application. As Lucky Patcher app is tested and use, this application is more trusted than rest of other apps.

The best part of the Lucky Patcher app is that it works almost all the apps (except the apps which use cloud storage and Internet connection to check the working). The only need is a rooted device, and you will be on your way.

If you liked this Lucky Patcher article and was helpful to you to solve your problem, then do share it with others who need this lucky patcher apk application. If you have any queries or want to know more about this Lucky patcher apk application, feel free to comment down below, and we will get to you with the answer you want.


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